Suppliers of industrial roof fixings

Peter Wragge Supplies can supply a wide and comprehensive range of fixings & fasteners to span the product ranges we offer.

  • Roofing & cladding fixings for insulated panel & single skin applications.
  • Roof & wall fixings for heavy steel hot rolled sections, and structural steel. Pre-galvanised light steel cold rolled sections or timber purlins.

All of the non stainless steel fixings we supply are manufactured from carbon steel heat treated and zinc plated to 12 microns.

Manufactured from high quality, cold forming steel, heat treated to give mechanical strength and excellent drilling qualities.

Product Types:

  • Moulded colour coded nylon heads
  • PPC low=profile heads
  • 8mm hex heads with colour-coded push-on plastic caps
  • ll come with compatible neoprene bonded sealing washers.


  • Stainless steel fixings are generally used where the external or internal environment can be more aggressive & corrosive.
  • Hygiene or food preparation areas can often require a higher specification of fixing, or may be that stainless steel has been requested for warranty or longevity purposes.

Stainless steel fixing heads & corresponding washers can be powder-coated to suit most RAL colours. Alternatively, nylon moulded colour-coded heads, or traditional separate push-on colour caps can be supplied.

If the roofing and cladding is to perform correctly for its full life expectancy the specification of the correct fastener is fundamental.

All technical specifications & pull-out test information is available on request.

Industrial Roofing Panels & Single-Skin Strip Mastic

All industrial sheeting & insulated panel manufacturers recommend the use of butyl strip mastic to seal the end & side laps during installation.

Different types of roofing sheets require varying bead section sizes of strip mastic.

This type of mastic is waterproof, odourless & non-curing & is supplied on rolls for quick & easy application.

PE Closed Cell Foam Filler Blocks

Filler blocks are an essential component in the make-up of modern constructions. When correctly specified and fitted, the filler blocks seal the cavities between the profiled sheets and the purlins or trims. To perform as a true weather barrier, the fillers should exhibit the following characteristics:

  • Adequate compress ability
  • Closed cell structure with no porosity
  • Heat retention properties
  • Long-life without embrittlement

Filler blocks are available for almost all obsolete profiles for steel, aluminium, fibre cement & asbestos sheeting.


  • Weathertight sealing
  • Insulation
  • Easy to install
  • Durable

We are also able to offer straight cut filler blocks of varying widths & depths.

Alternatively we also cut to individual requirements if an accurate profile drawing can be provided.