Suppliers of industrial roof guttering systems

Peter Wragge Supplies can assist with the supply of industrial guttering to suit your building style.

Product Types:

  • New colour-matched trim line eaves gutters
  • Fabricated insulated valley & boundary gutters
  • Gutter liners & re-furb options.

We offer trim line eaves gutters in colour-matched pre-coated steel (these types of gutter systems support the overhang of the profiled sheets at the eave).

Above: Bespoke trim-line colour matched to suit panels, folded to suit individual roof pitches.

Insulated Gutters

  • We offer insulated gutters made to fit most applications in a range of thicknesses to suit your insulated roof. The most common uses for insulated gutters are for valleys or boundary locations where building may be multi-pitched or have parapet walls around the perimeter.
  • These are generally galvanised steel with bonded membrane-lined, heat-weldable membrane, joggle jointed.
  • The insulation used is foil faced PIR, & these have a white liner under-skin to colour-match with the underside of most insulated panels.

Alternatives to fabricated & pressed steel gutter types

  • We offer a full range of PVC industrial half-round gutters in various colours.
  • Pre-coated steel half-round gutter systems are also available.

Benefits of Roof Guttering:

  • Protect your roof from water damage
  • Prevent water stains on your walls
  • Manage water distribution
  • Avoid drips
  • Keeps house foundation stable

Please do not hesitate to contact us with your gutter requirements or if you require further information or specifications on any of the above.