Steel Cladding

At Peter Wragge Supplies Ltd we are happy to stock a wide range of steel cladding, offering quality products at great prices. We understand the properties of different steels and can advise our clients on selecting the right ones for their needs. This includes offering advice about maintenance and extending the lifecycle of the material.

Steel cladding is very popular in both industrial and commercial settings because the material is durable and cost effective. The first of these means it is easily capable of protecting a wide variety of substrates. The materials can be fitted to an array of surfaces, including walls and roofs to protect them from the weather and impacts.

One thing to be aware of with steel is that some varieties, including mild, can be prone to corrosion. With these additional finishing is needed to increase the resistance and prevent rusting. Services like galvanisation and powder coating accomplish this. An added benefit of both is that they can enhance the aesthetics. Alternatively you can choose stainless steels with naturally higher corrosion resistance.

When deciding on steel cladding it is important to think about the durability, the finish, and the cost. You can then decide which variety will suit your needs the best. It is always wise to opt for materials that will have a very long life and withstand the wear they are exposed to effectively. Those with lower maintenance requirements will help to keep ongoing costs down too.

Our range of steel cladding is extensive, including different varieties of steels, thicknesses and finishes. As a result we are well placed to cater for a wide array of requirements and can help clients to select the perfect products to match their requirements. Whether it is a commercial, industrial, public or domestic property we can offer the highest quality cladding.

When you order from Peter Wragge Supplies Ltd you can expect the best prices, whether you need a small number of products or a much larger volume. We work hard to deliver value for money across the board whilst also retaining the quality standards we have become renowned for.

If you have any questions or would like us to help you select the right steel cladding for your property please contact us.