Roofing Sheets & Composite Panels


PWS Composite Panels incorporate the very latest technology to meet current building regulations, and the often more demanding design requirements of specifiers and installers.

Roofing and Walls

Composite panels are a through fixed roof and wall panel which can be used on roof with a slope of 4ยบ or more, plus, on walls they can be laid vertically or horizontally, joint detail is with a simple but effective fastening with a coloured cap.


Composite panels are fully compatible with other PWS accessories such as flashings, sealants and fixings.

Material Specification

Composite panels consist of pre coated steel or aluminium weather and liner sheets, with an LPC insurer approved PIR core.

Outer sheet in steel manufactured to BS EN10147 0.5mm thick, or in Aluminium to BS 1470 0.7mm thick

Liner sheet in steel manufactured to BS E10147 0.4mm thick, or in Aluminium to BS 1470 0.5mm thick.



The weather side is available in a wide range of durable colour coatings.

Fire resistant rating SAA to BS 476 part 3.


When thin metal sheets are bonded to a lightweight rigid core the resulting panel has a far greater structural strength than the sum of its separate parts.

PWS TP panel thus provide structural stability which when combined with a lightweight index, delivers the ideal performance required of any building panel.