Metal Cladding

At Peter Wragge Supplies Ltd we understand all of the wonderful benefits that metal cladding can provide when added to a property. This is why we chose to stock such a wide range. Additionally it allows us to ensure we can deliver the very best value to our clients and help them to get the performance they want from the materials.

The biggest benefit of metal cladding is that it enhances the aesthetics of the building, whether it is installed on roofs or walls. The latter is true with both external and interior settings. The materials can come in an array of shapes, sizes, materials, colours, and finishes, allowing great flexibility.

On top of this the materials have important functional characteristics. Most notably they can help to improve energy efficiency by increasing insulation. This is a major benefit and can reward property owners with lower bills for heating and air conditioning.

A third advantage is that metal cladding provides protection for the substrate. This means it can protect walls and roofs made of a wide array of materials, preventing wear from all kinds of weather as well as physical impacts. This can prove to be very cost effective because replacing the materials is typically more affordable than larger structural repairs.

Several different types of materials are used to make metal cladding. This includes steel, copper and aluminium. The material has an impact on the quality of the product as well as the characteristics. For example steel is durable but can be prone to corrosion if it is not given a protective coating. Aluminium on the other hand is lighter and has good natural corrosion protection. It can be more costly though.

The range of cladding we have in stock is very broad. It includes different materials, finishes, and thicknesses too. When you come to us for products we will listen to your requirements and set about helping you to find the right one to match them. As part of this we will consider the level of protection you need, your budget, and the setting. This ultimately helps us to deliver the best level of service.

If you have any questions about our cladding or would like to place an order please feel free to contact us.