Fillers and filler blocks are vital for waterproofing

Profiled sheets can be utilised to create fantastic roofing for a wide array of properties. The materials are durable and will provide long term protection. On top of this they are generally easy to install so the project can be completed quickly.

With any type of roofing, whether it is profiled sheeting or traditional tiles and shingles, it is vital that there are no cavities. These voids allow water to enter the property, leaving the contents and fabric of the building exposed and at risk of damage. Filling them or overlapping the materials effectively creates a reliable barrier against moisture and the elements.

With profiled sheeting there are a wide array of different fillers and filler blocks you can utilise to seal cavities between sheets. It is vital you choose materials that suit the required specifications, delivering a complete seal.

The best fillers can compress to suit the expansion and contraction that happens in sheets when temperatures change. The last thing you want is to find these changes either damage the filler or leave a gap that moisture can gain access through.

On top of this they should be made from materials that will last without experiencing high levels of wear. Those that become brittle should be avoided as they will deteriorate faster, increasing the opportunity for leaks to develop. These also need to be replaced more frequently, resulting in higher costs.

At Peter Wragge Supplies Ltd we have a lot of experience in the supply of profiled sheets. Alongside these we also stock complementary products such as fillers, fixings, and insulation too. It is our aim to give our clients easy access to the highest quality products and offer full support in helping them to choose the right ones for their needs.

If you have any questions about fillers and their specifications please feel free to contact us. We have an incredible 25 plus years of knowledge to share.