Choose the correct fixing for your purposes

Thirty years in the business has taught us much about the value of customer satisfaction. When clients come to us requesting supplies, we make certain that what we deliver to them is nothing but the finest quality. Each and every one of our steel fixings is created from excellent calibre, cold formed steel, which is heat treated to give profound drilling qualities and mechanical strength.

The fixings (or fasteners) are small and aren’t the most glamorous component around, but the fact is that they can mean a great difference between the success and failure of installation. You might only become aware that the wrong fastener was selected after a piece of material has fallen from place. Everyone just assumes that the worst won’t happen to them, but unless you do your research and choose the right products, it just might.

The best way to prevent any blunders is to appreciate that different steel fixings have significantly varied qualities, thanks to the material that they are composed of and how they were manufactured. Carbon steel is used to make some of the finest products and they are well known for their corrosion resistance. The low price, magnetic properties and their ability to drill through aluminium and steel frequently attracts fabricators.

Just remember that certain fasteners are good for some things and not others. Always make sure that the products you’re looking at can fulfil your needs. Doing this prevents you from having to spend more money on additional items because your current ones aren’t appropriate and fail.

At Peter Wragge Supplies Ltd we provide customers with an extensive selection of steel fixings for both single skin and insulated applications onto timber or steel purlins. For a bit of extra protection, our screws are given a coating of zinc with a dichromate passivation.

If our products catch your interest and you’d like further information, feel free to contact us. We have catered for all kinds of requirements over our thirty years in business and always deliver the highest quality service and components for our clients.