Suffolk Barn Wedding Venue

Here at Peter Wragge Supplies Ltd we are proud to have been involved in the supply of 0.7mm Corrugated 13.5/3″ Anthracite Plastisol sheets for this fantastic Suffolk Barn wedding venue.

Completed Project

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During conversion

Faster construction time with insulated panels

If you don’t have a sound roof your property won’t be as secure or pleasant as it should be. The surface should be weatherproof, watertight and stop heat from escaping quickly so it is easy to keep the space warm. Insulated panels are the perfect material because they offer all three of those things. In addition you can create roofing with them very quickly. Continue reading

Stop your corrugated roofing from leaking

Peter Wragge Supplies is successful due to one simple reason; we listen to the needs of our customers and then go out of our way to meet them. We only offer high quality products, including our top of the range corrugated roofing. When users look after the sheets properly they can last for a long time. As a result your investment can be a very cost effective one. Continue reading

The safest ways to work with cladding

It is our job to supply the population with building materials that suit their needs. One of our most popular offerings is our box profile sheets. The cladding has great aesthetics but it’s not the only thing they have though. Our profiles also have wide troughs. This enhances debris and water disposal. Overall, this is one of the most functional products we have. Continue reading

Not your typical sandwich

There are plenty of building products out there. However, not all of them can sufficiently meet your needs. It helps if you know where to buy them. Peter Wragge is a top supplier of insulated roofing sheets. If you wish to stay warm this winter or want to keep the heat out in summer, then you may want to invest in some. Continue reading