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corrugated sheets

Do you need to cut corrugated sheets?

There are lots of great products to choose from if you want to use sheeting for a roof or to clad walls. Corrugated sheets remain a really good option because they are durable and long lasting. You can also get them in a range of colours and finishes. However, you need to take care when you use them. You need to handle, place, cut, and install them safely, making sure you don’t damage them.

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Box profile sheets

Box profile sheets are great for roofs or canopies

When most people are thinking about roofing they will likely imagine traditional tiles. They are the most popular option for homes in the UK. However, their weight and cost means you are unlikely to see them on industrial buildings. Instead, you are most likely to see box profile sheets or other forms of metal roofing. These materials are light, durable, and cost effective.

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Insulated roofing sheets

Useful tips for installing insulated roofing sheets

In the past the one goal with a roof was to ensure it was watertight. Today though, there are far more requirements. As well as preventing water from entering the property, roofs have to prevent heat from escaping. On top of that they need to stop solar gain and must be aesthetically pleasing. One of the best materials to choose here is insulated roofing sheets. They can tick all of these boxes and provide lots of benefits.

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Metal sheets

Why are metal sheets the best investment for roofing?

When it comes to building materials, the best products tend to be those that offer the most in terms of longevity. After all, the longer something lasts, the more cost effective it is. In addition, long lasting substances are better for the environment because it means you need fewer resources for repairs and replacements. When it comes to roofing, metal sheets are one of the best options.

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Make sure you fit your box profile sheets correctly for great benefits

Box profile sheets

For over 30 years, Peter Wragge has been here providing cost effective roofing supplies. From box profile sheets to metal cladding and a range of accessories to go with them, you will find that we are a one stop shop for your needs.

Take care and you will end up with a great roof

Fitting and fixing these sheets to your roof is a fairly easy task that most people can handle. You just need to make sure that you follow safety measures throughout. This will keep you and others safe.

If there are ever sheets that you need to cut for your roof, you should do this on the ground rather than at a height. The reason for this is that cutting metal on a roof is a dangerous task. You or anyone on the ground could be hurt if there is an issue. Instead, lay your box profile sheets face down on padded supports.

When you install the sheets, lay them in runs, with a slight overlap and fasten them through the underneath of the trough. You should start at the eaves in the corner, away from the prevailing wind’s direction.

It is worth noting that if you don’t lay the first sheet perpendicular to the eaves and the ridge, you will have to keep making adjustments. Otherwise, you will end up with a ‘saw tooth’ effect. You should make sure that the first row goes over the bottom purlin and eaves. This way, rain will be able to drain properly.

You have to take care so that you do not damage the profiles in the process of fitting them. This way you will end up with a roof that looks great and functions as you need it to.

Box profile sheets – A fantastic roofing solution

These sheets are a great choice for a huge number of reasons. For starters, this is a lightweight product so installation is easy and quick. The sheeting is also a fantastic choice when you are looking for something cost effective for your roof. It is much cheaper than opting for traditional tiling and does a great job.

You can fit the sheeting as a roofing option or add sheets to a roof for cladding. The latter will provide your structure with additional protection and offers a way to alter the appearance without costing you a fortune.

When you work with us, you can be sure that you will receive excellent customer service and expert advice to help you get the most from our products. We supply a range of box profile sheets, insulation systems, and lots more.

So, browse our website and feel free to get in touch with us if you have any questions. We always love to hear from people and would be happy to help you with your needs.

Insulated roofing sheets

Shapes of roofing sheets to choose from

The roof is the most important part of a building for several reasons. Firstly, it needs to offer protection against the elements. As part of this, it must be able to effectively direct water away from the property. On top of this, it needs to be efficient so it does not allow all the heat to quickly escape. Then, it must also be strong, sturdy, and great to look at. Insulated roofing sheets are a really good option here.

Why use sheeting?

There are many reasons to use roof sheets. For starters they are light, easy to work with, and generally cost effective. In addition, they come in various shapes, sizes, and colours. This gives people more choice in terms of the aesthetics. The sheeting can also have insulation built in so there is no need to add any extra. This can speed up installation time even more.

What shapes are there?

The most common shape is corrugated. Most people will recognise it with its wave effect. It is a good option because it encourages water to flow freely. The sheets can be aluminium, steel, plastic, or bitumen. The aluminium ones offer the longest lifespan.

A second option is trapezoidal or box profile. This style is slightly newer than corrugated but quickly became a very popular option for industrial use. The straight finish means they are excellent when it comes to waterproofing. The shape also means they are quick and easy to produce. This results in lower purchase prices.

The third type of sheet you can opt for is roof tile panels. The idea with them is that they look like traditional tiles. This makes them a good alternative for homes or outbuildings that people want to look like the main property. The tile sheets come in an array of sizes and colours to suit different tastes.

Which insulated roofing sheets do you need?

Peter Wragge Supplies works hard to offer a great service to every client. We choose high quality materials that will last. People can buy with us easily and we will arrange fast delivery so they can get on with their project.

If you are unsure what type of insulated roofing sheets to choose, we are happy to help. We can suggest different materials to suit any kind of property. More importantly, we can help you to get the right insulation value for the building.

So, if you have any questions for us, please get in touch.

Metal sheets

Metal sheets are excellent for wall cladding

Wall cladding is a quick and easy way to refresh your property. It can cover over old surfaces and provide a great layer of extra protection. There is also a wide array of choice in terms of materials, styles, colours, and finishes. Metal sheets are one of the best options for a number of reasons. As a leading supplier, Peter Wragge Supplies knows all about the benefits of using this type of sheeting.

Long lasting

The obvious advantage of metal is how strong and durable it is. With the right care the sheets can have a very long lifespan while resisting water, UV, fluctuations in temperature, and even impacts and debris.


Metal sheets are one of the most versatile options because of how malleable they are. While the metal will be strong, it is possible to cut, bend and shape the sheeting in various ways. As a result users can create an array of different shapes to suit any kind of surface.

Design flexibility

Leading on from the point above, you can use the metal sheeting in various ways on exterior walls. For example you could install it to replace or cover heavy concrete or brick facades. Or, you could have it in certain places to create a wonderful design. There is a great deal of freedom and flexibility here.


Many types of metal are sustainable because it is possible to recycle and reuse the resources in the future. This is especially true with steel and aluminium, two of the most popular materials for cladding. The metals are long lasting and can then by recycled rather than going to landfill. This is much more eco-friendly.


One of the best things about metal sheets is how great they can be for saving money. The upfront cost may be comparable to some materials but handling is easy and installation is quick and cheap. In addition, the sheeting is easy to maintain. The main cost here will likely be painting or refinishing in the future but this is not something you need to do frequently. The longevity of the sheets also means your investment will go further.

Beautiful options

Yet another place where metal sheeting stands out is the huge array of options when it comes to the colour, finish, and styles. There is a lot to choose from. For example, you could have natural metal colours, paint the sheets any kind of colour, opt for a clear coating, and much more. You can have the classic ridge style sheet or something else entirely.

Order metal sheets for your wall cladding today

Peter Wragge Supplies is proud to offer high quality products for a variety of projects. For example, we have sheeting for wall cladding, roofs, and more. In addition we stock a variety of fixtures and fittings. All our products are available for great prices.

If you want to order metal sheets today, or have any questions, contact us. We have a lot of experience and help clients in various industries to choose the right materials.