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The rules surrounding racking systems

In the last thirty years we have built our reputation for stocking excellent products. Specialising in building materials, we can supply you with first class components. However, we are also capable of informing you about the right ways to handle them. Our team members are experts on the care in handling steel profile sheets. This means you can talk with them if you’re not sure how to look after your goods. Continue reading

What insulation is available for pitched roofs?

In order to keep clients happy, we supply them with an impressive array of ultra-modern building merchandise. Insulation systems are at the very front of our collection, being some of our most popular offerings of all. With such products at our disposal, we can meet even the most distinct customer requirements. If your current set up isn’t giving you the desired results, then it may be time for a replacement. Continue reading

Money and time saving roof tile alternative

The typical roof tile, such as clay, slate and pantiles, has been around for many years. As many know, they can be quite heavy and expensive, especially if accidents occur and tiles are broken. What many aren’t aware of is the many alternatives available today. These are generally lighter and cheaper to install; with many traditional looking like usual roof tiles. One of the best options is tile form sheeting. Continue reading