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Introducing you to step flashings

The thirty years we have been in business has given us more than enough time to transform ourselves into one of the most respected providers of building materials around. Whatever it is that you require, be it flashings and gutters, or something a little different, rest assured that it can be found with us. Reasonably priced and designed to be long lasting, ours are the products to choose. Continue reading

An overview of rooflight systems

Roof fillers and lighting can be described as translucent or clear structure made for use on low pitched roofs. Their main purpose is allowing natural light into structures whilst maintaining a suitable look and watertight surface. In today’s marketplace, there are many types of roof lights and systems, built for a range of different building types and characteristics. Continue reading

How to tell what grade your fixing is

For over thirty years, we have had the pleasure of supplying our customers with some of the best building materials on the market. With a stock that includes the likes of steel fixings, as well as various other essentials, we have everything one needs to complete their project with wonderful results. Available for reasonable prices and designed to last, our products should be the ones you choose. Continue reading

Advice for on-site sheet cutting

Building materials are our speciality, but we don’t simply mean this in the sole sense that we supply them. We also prefer it if clients looked after their goods as well, which is why the team works to provide them with top-notch advice. As experts when it comes to care in handling steel profile sheets, we are the people to call if you aren’t overly confident about looking after your merchandise. Continue reading

Composite panels: what are they?

Composite panels, otherwise known as sandwich panel, are a common construction material involving an insulted core sandwiched between two plastic or metal facings. They can be used on external walls, roof construction and internal structures within a range of industries. These include warehousing, food, hotels, and other applications involving hygiene standards. Continue reading

Insulating suspended flooring

When people find themselves in need of quality building components they rely on our company. Known throughout the country for the outstanding merchandise we stock, we’ve been able to satisfy the requirements of numerous customers, who have in turn recommended us. Among the most well known additions to our inventory are the insulation systems we provide, a must have for anyone who is looking to improve energy efficiency. Continue reading

The regulations surrounding re-roofing

When customers require roofing and cladding materials, we are normally their first choice. Providing an impressive collection of quality products at affordable prices, we have become known across the country for our services. Our tile form sheeting is very highly regarded, proving to be a cost effective and reliable choice for re-roofing. Continue reading

Boosting how much sunlight enters a property

Building materials are available from a myriad of sources, and come in a number of shapes and sizes. Not all of them possess the same degree of quality however. As a company that has a fantastic aptitude for these types of products, we’ve made it our mission to only provide clients with merchandise that is of an exceptional standard. Therefore, should you require fillers and lighting, or some similar goods; we are the ones you need to call. Continue reading