The purpose of glazing bars

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Avoid focusing on a single aspect

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A lighter and cheaper alternative to traditional roofing

Building materials come in all shapes and sizes, but certain ones are required during particular stages in a project. Stocking an array of high quality merchandise, including the likes of tile form sheeting, we strive to give you exactly what you need, when you need it. Very lightweight and created to give roofs a more traditional aesthetic, our sheets are the ones for you. Continue reading

Which materials aren’t appropriate for flashings?

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Reasons why you should consider professional fillers and lighting

Peter Wragge Supplies offer a wide range of high quality corrugated roofing sheets, metal cladding, and other essential products. Having been established for 30 years, we have built a successful business supplying these diverse building materials. Our reputation has only been strengthened over these years due to the exceptional customer service we offer. Some of the more specific products we supply are fillers and lighting. These are superb for a number of reasons; here are some of them. Continue reading

The path to a longer lasting roof

Quality building materials will serve you well if treated with care. If they are mishandled though, don’t be surprised if they end up becoming damaged in some way. We ourselves take the upmost caution when manufacturing and handling our products. Well versed when it comes to care in handling steel profiled sheets, we are the people to depend on if you have any concerns. Continue reading

The fire risks posed by external panels

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Using secondary insulation to boost energy performance

The best way to maximise the energy efficiency of industrial buildings is to ensure that each and every material used delivers high performance. This is particularly true in terms of the materials placed on the roof. The roofing is a major source of heat loss and the materials that are used can make the difference between an energy efficient property and one that is consuming a lot of resources to stay warm or cool. Continue reading